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Pandora is the most common

While we’re now just days away from the pandora jewelry box collection debut, during this week the Pandora ring promotion has hit the UK shores, offering a perfect opportunity to begin or expand upon a Pandora ring collection. I admit that while I adore rings, I always seem to find myself purchasing charms. With this in mind and in celebration of this promotion, I decided it was an apt time to investigate their rings a little further.

Yesterday I offered my views on the pandora bracelets on sale that debuted as part of the Pandora spring 2013 collection. It’s a beautiful ring, though very focal and not something you’d stack with others.Pandora have been promoting their birthstone rings enormously throughout 2013. For me they have a certain boho-chic quality to them that I thought would be perfect for the summer season. What follows is a quick look at how I’ve been wearing the Pandora birthstone ring.

Generally speaking I dismiss birthstone colours and buy rather opt for colours that I personally like. That said the pandora bracelets rose gold for a December is a quite opulent looking turquoise.While these are subtle rings, ideal for stacking, the bands are still interesting and decorating. Indeed it’s the combination of beaded bands and vibrant gems that create the boho-chic look perfect for the summer months.

These rings looking stunning stacked together and this is the most common use I’ve seen for them. I opted to team them with a couple of other slender Pandora rings including the pandora rings near me and the Silver Imprint Ring.As always, my recommended retailer for all things Pandora in the UK are the wonderful John Greed Jewellery and naturally these are offering the Pandora ring promotion.

I’ve admired the pandora charms clearance for quite some time and I completely understand why many collectors are enamoured with the series. The bands can be worn alone for a casual look or stacked together for a more focal and on trend aesthetic.As always I love to hear from my readers. It seems the Pandora Birthstone Rings have been a popular choice for those indulging in the Pandora Ring Promotion. Have you bought any of these? Hit the comments and let me know!

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