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When you were very

When you were very young, you went to work. Until today, you still dedicate yourself to this bustling city. I know that you are very hard, I always wanted to find opportunities to talk to you. Today, let me say what I want to say in my heart: "You have worked hard! I must study hard and win glory for you."mber when you were at home, you said that you should get the best education. When I came to Hangzhou, you found the current school, Yucai Experimental School. You hope that I can become a talent, glory for my parents and my hometown. Yes, as long as I have the courage, I will be able to fulfill your hopes! the saying goes: "Poor parents in the world." Mom and Dad's hopes are pinned on me. You always care about my safety, telling me to cross the road must wait for the green light; always thinking about my study, telling me not to go to the Internet cafe, game room, tell me to read extracurricular books; always for meu have paid too much for me, I must work hard. Like Einstein, climb the peak of science; like Edison, who is not afraid of failure; like Li Shizhen, he is not afraid of mountains and roads, not afraid of cold and heat.now that human talent is not born Cigarette Wholesale Price. Can come from hard work. As Edison said: "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent sweat."have been thinking about what makes the "ugly duckling" into a white swan, turning the humble little boy into a world-famous science giant? Nothing else, relying on unremitting efforts. Diligence and talent, and achievements Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign are no exception. Dad, Mom, I will work hard, challenge myself with utmost perseverance, and win glory for you! People say that one day is a teacher and life is a father. Yes. Although you only did my semester teacher, your image has always been fixed in my heart. I am a peach tree planted by your own hands Cartons Of Newport 100S. My sprouts, growth, all bathe in your sun and rain. I was 9 years old, I came to a certain elementary school to read the third grade. My mother took me to the school. The first one to greet me is you - Teacher Sun. Then from then on Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, you become my class teacher. You are selflessly dedicated to your sun and rain, let me sprout and grow.member when I first came, I wrote with a water-based pen. You said to write with a pen, I am anxious like an ant on a hot pot. Everything I saw was seen by you. You came over and asked me: "You didn't bring a pen." I explained: I used to write with a water-based pen and never used a pen. After you listened, I called the same table to lend me a pen.take your class once Marlboro Red Shorts Carton. You asked a question, let us answer. At this time, I smiled in my heart: I wouldn't ask me anyway, I don't have to worry about it. Unexpectedly, things are not as I thought. You asked me to answer. I stood up and didn't know what to do. I look to the left, look at the right, I don't dare to look at you. After a minute, I will not answer you when you see me. You said to me: Don't worry, take your time, you will definitely answer it next time, sit down first. When I heard your words, my heart seemed to have a warm current.her, all of this may have been forgotten, because you have done too much for us, and I can't forget you. Every mood of yours is up to us. At this moment, I seem to see that one of my sad feelings is because of me. A trace of sadness is caused by me.ss proves its green with its freshness. I will use my study to make me shine.

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