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Canada Goose Jakke Norge Last night

Canada Goose Jakke Norge Last night
Canada Goose Jakke Norge why did you stay in my dream? Is thoughtful, the night have a dream? You do not know where you wander during the day, no time to visit my little atrium. Perhaps the accumulation of my thoughts, extended to the dream. Noisy dreams, your clear figure in that trickle through the city, your face in the dim looking glass, I seem to feel the restless spirit and the flesh.

Canada Goose Jakke Salg Norge Parting years, I chase their own happiness, enjoy the colorful life, forgot whether it will often think of you. Once met, you have a beautiful lady, I silently send you a blessing, though slightly sour, but full of sincerity.  Again reunion, I evolved into your good friend, you give my brother calm and caring. In Canada Goose Dame Jakke your calm eyes, I saw my shadow clearly printed in your eyes, I give up the situation, but also grow new shoots. Reversible stray eyes tell me that you will not go into my lonely world, you are just an unattainable side of my beautiful scenery. I had to stop again, looking away from the other side, looking at the other side of you, until the depths of love, they invite you to dream.

Lonely years, always love to chew past the sweet; deserted days, always love daydreaming, to warm their tired heart. Outside the window, although it is a dark sky, black and white tile walls, yellow leaves, but think your heart, making the air also Smart move up. Wind filled with a sweet, floating a ray of fragrance, happy smile climbed the treetops, red pomegranate, yellow valley, blue sky. My broken feelings, no longer bloody. Walking in the breezy street, feel refreshed, spring breeze.

Although the years of wind and frost have dyed our black hair, but I still feel romantic. Really want to quietly look at you, see your mature and sincere face, in my heart lake; want to be with you on the drink, with a glass of love wine, drunk lying on the grass in June under the sun; good Want to hold your hand, walk on the beach under the moonlight, let Canada Goose Jakke Salg the wind blow, listen to the sea whisper; Really want to pillow your arms, listening to your love Canada Goose Herre Jakker of whisper, abundance of my sweet memories; , In vain into a dream!

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