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Parajumpers Long Bear Dame blown away fleeting.

Parajumpers Long Bear Dame blown away fleeting.
Parajumpers Long Bear Dame    Spring, summer, autumn and winter always inadvertently suddenly replaced. I do not know how many Shaohua have passed, I seem to have already forgotten your face. Tend to think carefully, but only three years. Only three years? Why I think it has been a long time ago? For a long time I have forgotten your face. Indus leaves in the yellow grass on the wind forward, I light teared flying hair, quietly tell myself, it is just a crush on it.

Parajumpers Dame Jakke       In that lost years, I have been sad for you, cry too sad. However, after all, remember the memory fleeting, years of ruthless will sink full of crush on the consequences of the green shoots off the branches. But once pure innocent heart has been years of carving become indifferent and empty-headed.

Years have been shame, memory has quietly blurred. Trying to recall only sporadic fragments. Vaguely remember, I was silent sobbing because of you. Why cry, I have forgotten. At that time I Canada Goose Jakke Salg thought I could not enter your field of vision, it was a matter that broke my heart, so mixed in my heart, the pain is hard to breathe. But today, when I recall, I did not feel pain. On the contrary, I felt myself somewhat silly at the time. Years of worn-out pain, I remember in the past a few years ago, but like memories of others, everything is so clear and gentle.

Winter has come, the air has been somewhat clear chill. Canada Goose Herre Jakker Sunshine lazy scattered in the world, so the scene is like a few years ago. That is also the early winter afternoon, the sun is mild and with a little lazy, I stood on the balcony basking just washed hair.  Sunshine did not dry in the hair, inadvertently touch the water droplets, reflecting the colorful light. And you, also Canada Goose Dame Jakke inadvertently walked from my house. My hair brush my hand fixed in the air. I look at you until you can not see your back. Some years later, I still think that it is a beautiful and beautiful painting: You are wearing light blue jeans and a white turtleneck, walking in the early winter sunshine. Even the back is full of book atmosphere. Step by step you walk in the path filled Indus leaves, my heart is also accompanied by your pace of rapid jumping.

Parajumpers Long Bear

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