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To accent traditional white gowns, cream colored or champagne colored dresses, red is a strong and lovely accent. The flat ballet style shoe in red is the perfect valentino pumps punctuation mark on a white stockinged leg.

You could wear these same basic items every day and just change around colors and hair style and no one would ever notice that you are following a pattern! All these items wont wrinkle very much and can be rolled in your suitcase which can give you more room.

In case you want to purchase a pair of Women Flats for party wear, only under circumstances where you cannot afford to wear heels for instance if you are pregnant or having backaches and so on. Then, buy Women Flats which are either T-strap or have beads on them. This latest trend should be followed in evening as well as day parties. Make sure that your women flats are valentino sneakers in the plain color, no prints. Printed women flats are not much in fashion these days. Plain colors would be the best if available and picked in black, silver or golden for evening parties and ivory, pink and white for day time parties.

Although the jumpsuit is throwback to the 70s, do not make the mistake of dressing in head to toe 'disco gear'. In other words, do not wear a pair of clunky, platform shoes and an afro with your jumpsuit. Stick with 2010 trends when you are accessorizing, such as a pair of spiky Women Pumps, a large bangle cuff, and a statement belt. Strappy open toed heels and 'gladiator' sandals also look great with a jumpsuit. For your hair, if you really want to give your jumpsuit an edge, wear it up in a ponytail. This is the 'do favored by the celebs and valentino slides looks totally cute and fun. Add a pair of large hoop or drop earrings and a clutch style purse and you are good to go!

Of course, merely saying "Hawaiian" makes everyone think of grass skirts and all that. Aside from that, however, women have many choices about what to wear during such a gathering.

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