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5 Common Challenges Faced During Bike Relocation

Relocating nowadays has become common. In search of better jobs and facilities, people are moving from backward areas to metropolitan cities. In order to make it to their office on time, they often relocate their cars and bike too. Auto transport has become a major industry today. More and more people are now handing their cars to transport companies for safer relocation.

Transporting a car is not hectic but few mistakes can make it a harrowing experience for you. We know we all have many doubts before handing over our cars to moving companies. Many transport companies face problems while transporting cars. But with so much at stake, you can’t take risk of losing your car. So here are few common challenges faced during bike relocation about which you should know.

Scam and fraud

Just like many industries in India, packers and movers business is filled with fraudsters. These companies lure customers by offering low prices with hidden costs and later demand more money by taking their cars or bike hostage. So, it’s always better to be clear about the hidden cost and check the credibility by going through their past records. It is important to invest your time in researching and surfing net before hiring any company that provides Bike Transportation in Chennai.

Risks of getting damaged

There are very little chances that your car reaches its destination without a single scratch especially if it is transferred through an open car carrier. It happens mainly because of debris and temperature variation. So before handing over your car get it properly inspected and keep a copy of report card with you. When the car reaches its destination be sure to check each everything and inform them then and there only about any scratch or damages. It’s better to get services from companies offering best Bike Transportation in Chennai.

Delay in delivery

This is the common challenge faced by many auto transport companies. Due to various obstacles, many transport companies face a delay in delivery. The obstructions are mainly caused by bad weather, lots of paperwork, breakdown or even because of accidents. All these factors are unavoidable and clearing such obstacles might take many days. But despite this, companies with best Bike Relocation in Chennai try their best to deliver your vehicle on time.

Incorrect information

Many times due to incorrect information provided by either side causes a much trouble. This incorrect information is mostly related to proper address or location. Sometimes the companies assume the address to be in that location and when it turns out to be wrong it causes misunderstanding between both the deliverer and receiver. In order to receive genuine shifting charges, provide your proper address with pin code. This will also ensure that you receive your car at same address provided.

Rules and Regulations

Various states have different rules and regulation which every car transport company needs to follow. These regulations are related to pollution check and taxes paid. So, make sure that you have each and every document ready before you hand over your car to transport companies. Hire an experienced company related to Bike Relocation in Chennai as they know how to adhere to all rules and regulations.

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